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‫الشركة العربية الفلسطينية للاستثمار(أيبك) تحقق صافي أرباح بقيمة 7.9 مليون دولار في النصف الأول من العام 2017 بنمو نسبته 25.4% مقارنة مع نفس الفترة من العام الماضي

16 آب، 2017، رام الله، فلسطين – أعلن السيد طارق العقاد رئيس مجلس الإدارة والرئيس التنفيذي للشركة العربية الفلسطينية للاستثمار (أيبك) عن تحقيق مجموعة أيبك صافي أرباح بعد الضريبة بقيمة 7.9 مليون دولار أمريكي في النصف الأول من العام

3500 Omani Students Enrolled in USA, Canada

Washington — The number of Omani students

studying in the United States of America (USA) and Canada at the

expense of the Ministry of Higher Education and other bodies stands at


About 600 students are expected to start graduate …

Information Minister Views Media Services in Al-Mazyunah

Al-Mazyunah — Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour al-Hassani, Minister of Information paid a visit today to the Wilayat of Al-Mazyunah in the Governorate of Dhofar to inspect media services in the wilaya. During the visit, he met with Sheikh Buhkait …

OLA Organizes Conference on Telecommunications Crimes

Salalah —–The Omani Lawyers Association (OLA), in cooperation with a number of governmental and private bodies, organized today at Hilton Salalah a conference entitled “Telecommunications Regulatory Law-related Crimes” under the patronage of Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al-Busaidi, Minister of State …

Education Ministry Undersecretary Meets FAO Representative

Muscat — Dr. Hamoud bin Khalfan al-Harthy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Education and Curricula received today Nora Ourabah Haddad, Representative of the ?Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Hasna’ bint Mohammed al-Harthyiah, Assistant …

MoCI Highlights Gulf Conformity Tracking System

Muscat —- The Ministry of Commerce and Industry

(MoCI), in cooperation with the GCC Standardization Organization,

organized today an introductory meeting on the Gulf conformity

tracking system at the headquarters of Oman Chamber of Commerce

and Industry (OCCI).

Sami bin …