Oman Global Logistics Group Launches its Brand Identity ASYAD

Muscat —- Oman Global Logistic Group launched today at Grand Millennium Hotel its brand identity ‘ ASYAD’ under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al- Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The brand identity aims at developing the logistic sector in the Sultanate and creating novel opportunities that add value to its activities. It also seeks to develop integrated solutions for the local logistic services and connect it to the world through its companies operating in this field.

The launching ceremony included a documentary about the Sultanate rich marine history throughout centuries and another video on Oman Global Logistics Group brand identity ‘ ASYAD’.

Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Salim al- Hatmi, CEO of Oman Global Logistics Group ”ASYAD” said the aims of the group is to implement the national logistic strategy and meet the requirements of the sector in terms of contributing to the GDP, creating job opportunities for Omanis, benefiting from the Sultanate’s logistic location, enhancing the performance of the Group companies, reduce reliance on government subsidy and enhance foreign and private investments at the Group projects.

He affirmed that the National Logistic Strategy 2040 has identified a number of broad goals through which the Group seeks to increase the logistic sector to the GDP to RO14 billion 2040 and to create 300,000 jobs. The Group also seeks to ensure that the Sultanate is one of the top 10 destinations at the logistic services performance indicators by 2040.

He noted that the current contribution of the logistic sector in the Sultanate is RO1 billion. He pointed out that 90% of the Group revenues are focused in shipping.

ASYAD symbolizes the leading marine role of Oman and its mastering of seas. The brand also gives an indication about Oman’s contribution to marine sciences and its distinguished business and trade relations with the old cultures when Oman has been the gateway to Arabia.

Through its brand identity, the Group seeks to become among the top ten logistic service providers in the world by 2040 by joining hands with relevant stakeholders to turn the Sultanate into a global logistic hub and contribute to the growth of the national economy.

The Group companies will be involved in providing a number of integrated logistics services that promote innovation, diversity and confidence.

ASYAD vision promotes three main trends; the first is related to the development of ports, free zones and marine services in cooperation with the leading international ports and key operators, as well as the shipping and land transport activities. The Group will own several logistic warehouses and spaces for light industries. The Ports will serve as a competitive edge for trade routes for Asia, Indian- subcontinent, Europe and MENA markets. It will provide connectivity network that meets the growing demand from more than 3000 requests to transport to more than 52 port destinations.

The free and economic zones nearby provide a platform through which the company can nurture their businesses and benefit from the trade exchange, tax exemption agreements, as well as the FTA between the Sultanate and USA.

The second trend includes the operations and development of shipping services through Oman Shipping Company, Oman Rail and Oman Drydock Company, one of the biggest and most advanced ship repair docks in the Middle East.

The third trend focuses on activating public services through Oman Post, National Ferries Company and Oman National Transport Company.

Source: Oman News Agency

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