Refineries and Petroleum Industries Production Increases by 15.6% in April

Muscat — The statistics issued by the National Centre for Statistics and

Information (NCSI) indicated that the production of refineries and petroleum industries in

the Sultanate increased by 15.6 per cent at the end of April 2017 compared to the

production recorded during the same period of 2016, as the production of auto fuel

increased by 19.2 per cent.

The report showed that the refineries increased regular gasoline 91 production to 62 per

cent to reach 3,062,000 barrels at the end of April 2017 as it sales increased by 36 per

cent 2,429,000 barrels.

The gasoline 95 production declined by 16 per cent to reach 5 million and 73,000 barrels,

as its sales declined to 16 per cent to reach 5 million and 88,000 barrels.

The production of gas oil (diesel) increased by 17 per cent to reach till last April 7 million

and 799,000 barrels, but its sales declined by 4 per cent to reach 5 million and 462,000


The jet fuel production increased by 33 per cent to reach 1 million and 852,000 barrels with

an increase as well in sales by 4 per cent to reach 1 million and 563,000 barrels, and its

exports also increased by 100 per cent to reach 335,000 barrels.

The Sultanate production of the liquefied petroleum gas till last April reached 1 million and

462,000 barrels with a 139-per cent increase with an increase in the sales as well by 8 per

cent to reach 764,400 barrels, as well as its exports increased to 200 per cent to reach

632,000 barrels.

Gasoline production declined by 27 per cent to reach 57,000 metric tonnes. Its exports

also declined by 23 per cent to reach 58,000 metric tonnes. Paraxylene production

declined by 34 per cent to stand at 161,000 metric tonnes. The export of Paraxylene also

registered a decline by 26 per cent to reach 167,000 metric tonnes.

Polypropylene production reached 82,000 metric tonnes, a remarkable increase by 547 per

cent. Its exports increased by 105 per cent to reach 72,000 metric tonnes.

Source: Oman News Agency

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