Saudi Arabia’s current approach of improving ties with the western world

Saudi Arabia and Iran’s aim to keep the western world its own side

In this current intense situation of the Gulf region, where the battle of leading the region is at its peak among the two prominent Gulf rivals such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, one can easily find that both Gulf rivals are striving hard respectively to compel world’s superpowers to stand beside them in order to succeed in surpassing each other when it comes to influencing the Gulf region. This approach by both the Gulf rivals, will not bring the region towards the right direction, in fact, it will make the situation worse and may become the reason for unstoppable civil war in the Gulf region.

The World’s superpowers and their role so far in turmoil of Gulf region

It is sad to say that rather than coming up with the aim of uniting both Gulf rivals in order to get the Gulf region on the right track, the world superpowers have confined their efforts to protect their own interests and stakes in the Gulf region and for that between Iran and Saudi Arabia, whoever seems to protect their stakes and interests well in the Gulf region, they start increasing ties with it. One of its examples, can be seen by the Russia’s approach towards the Syria conflict as it has clearly engaged itself to support the Assad’s regime, despite the fact that the people in the Syria want to get rid of his regime and we all know that the reason to support the current state of the Syria for Russia, is because it has its own interest in Syria and it cannot have a better government than Assad’s regime to protect its stakes and interest in Syria and in the Gulf region.

The current move of K.S.A to make the France stand beside it

The current visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is revealing the new approach of Saudi Arabia and it is to improve the ties with the western world as much as it can in order to dominate Iran as far as having a strong influence in the Gulf region is concerned. Although this approach of Saudi Arabia will protect its own interests and stakes in the Gulf region, but it will not bring the peace and stability in the region and in fact, it will increase the distance between both Gulf rivals.

The state of K.S.A’s official statement on this visit

According to the Foreign Affairs Minister of K.S.A, Adel Al- Jubeir, the visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to France was much successful and both sides are on one page in order to solve many major issues of the Middle East. According to the Foreign Minister, the views of France and Saudi Arabia are same on the current situation of the Gulf region and the major topics that were discussed during the visit of the Crown Prince to France, were the issues of Syria, Iraq and Iran’s interference in the Affairs of the Gulf region and the fight against terrorism and the discussion also consists of bilateral cooperation between France and Saudi Arabia in various fields such as security, military, economic and the political consultation.

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