11th OGWA-SPE Exhibition, Conference to Begin Next March

Amid the current oil situation, the oil

and gas sector remains optimistic about the prospects and the sector’s

continuous growth and development and what these opportunities

represent for oil and gas companies.

Nader Abbas, General Manager of Omanexpo said in a press

conference at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel today that the 11th edition of

Oil and Gas West Asia (OGWA) Exhibition and Conference 2018 will

begin on 25th March 2018 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.

He added that the 11th edition will involve more than 300 local

and international companies representing 19 countries from the GCC

countries, Asia, America, Europe and Africa. He pointed out that the

first day of the conference will include a panel discussion on Enhanced

Oil Recovery (EOR) that will be held under the patronage of Dr.

Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Rumhi, Minister of Oil and Gas. The next day

will include activities of the Oman Exhibition for Oil and Gas that will be

opened under the patronage of Mohammed bin al- Zubair, Advisor to

His Majesty the Sultan for Economic Planning Affairs.

On his turn, Dr. Sultan bin Said al-Shidhani, Petroleum

Engineering Manager of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO),

Chairman of the OGWA-SPE Technical Committee pointed out that the

conference is an opportunity to promote investment opportunities in oil

and gas for the investors in the Sultanate and abroad.

Several officials from the Ministry of Oil and Gas will share their

views of the industry’s successes and progress made in EOR, in

addition to enhancing the industry’s contributions to socio-economic

developments. Technical sessions will cover the latest advances in

chemical EOR, thermal EOR, miscible gas injection EOR and low

salinity water flooding and much more.

Source: Oman News Agency