2,000 People Feared Dead in Flooding in Eastern Libya

2,000 People Feared Dead in Flooding in Eastern Libya

As many as 2,000 people are feared dead in Libya after Mediterranean storm “Daniel” caused devastating floods that swept away entire neighborhoods and wrecked homes in multiple coastal towns in the North African nation.

The confirmed death toll from the weekend flooding stood at 38, according to health authorities. But the tally did not include Derna, the worst hit city, which had become inaccessible.

Video by Derna residents posted online showed major devastation. Entire residential blocks areas were erased along Wadi Derna, a river that runs down from the mountains through the city center. Multi-story apartment buildings once well back from the river were partially collapsed into the mud.

At least 23 people were reported dead in the eastern town of Bayda, the town’s main medical center said. Another seven people were reported dead in the coastal town of Susa in northeastern Libya, according to the Ambulance and Emergency Authority. Seven others were reported dead in the towns of Shahatt and Omar Al Mokhtar, according to officials.

Storm Daniel is expected to arrive in parts of west Egypt on Monday, and the country’s meteorological authorities warned about possible rain and bad weather.

Source: Oman News Agency