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Swiss Foreign Minister Receives Written Message from Bin Alawi

Bern, Ignazio Cassis, Foreign Minister of the

Swiss Confederation received a written message from Yousef bin Alawi

bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs dealing with the

bilateral relations between the two countries and means of enhancing


The message …

MTC Celebrates RNO Technicians Graduation

Muscat, The Military Technological College

(MTC) today celebrated the graduation of the applied course for the

Royal Navy of Oman’s (RNO) technicians, held at the MTC today under

the patronage of Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis al-Ra’eesi, RNO

Commander in …

Child Welfare Center Marks Islamic Orphan Day

Muscat, The Ministry of Social Development, represented by the Child Welfare Center, celebrated the Islamic Orphan Day, which falls on the fifteenth of the holy month of Ramadhan under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Suayed al- Kalbani, Minister of …

Public Health Ministry’s preliminary water test results show no epidemic widespread in Kfaraabida

The preliminary test results conducted by the Ministry of Health on the water in the town of Kfarabida showed that there was neither epidemic widespread in the town nor pollution in its waters.

The state of utter panic witnessed in …

‫هل انتهى يوم العمل التقليدي؟ دراسة آي دبليو جي الجديدة تكشف عن تحول 70 بالمائة من الأمريكيين إلى أعمال جديدة

زيورخ، 30 مايو / أيار، 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

آي دبلي جي “IWG” تكشف عن الاقتراع الأكبر من نوعه حول اتجاهات العمل المرن – أجري المسح على أكثر من 18,000 متخصص من طوائف متعددة في الصناعات المختلفة عبر 96 دولة

Takata Airbag Special Master/Trustee Announces The Launch Of The Claim Process For Personal Injuries Or Wrongful Death

BOSTON, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The following statement is being issued by Professor Eric D. Green, Special Master for the Department of Justice’s Takata Airbag Individual Restitution Fund and the Trustee of the Tort Compensation Trust Fund Created in