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‫مجموعة Marshal Lion بصدد الترميز الرقمي للمنتجات بسوق الإقراض الغير مصرفي

هونج كونج، 13 من أكتوبر 2019 /PRNewswire/ — من المقرر أن تتيح Marshal Lion Group الاستثمار في منتجات ضمن منصة مخصصة تعتمد على القروض الفعلية الغير مصرفية الممنوحة لعملائها من الشركات والأفراد. ومن شأن مشروع فريق Marshal Lion  تمكين كبار وصغار المستثمرين

CMA Participates in the Emerging and Developing Markets Meeting

The Capital Market Authority has participated in meeting of the Emerging and Developing Markets Committee of the IOSCO hosed by the Russian Federation In Petersburg. The Sultanates delegate was presided by HE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi Executive President.

The participation was …

MSM Loses 1 Point

Muscat, Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general

index (30) today lost (1.36) point, comprising a decline by (0.034%) to

close at (4012.19) points, compared to the last session, which stood at

(4013.55) points.

The trading value today stood at (RO 465,073), comprising a…

An Iranian woman injured by stray bullet south of Basra

BASRA, An Iranian woman was wounded by stray bullet south of Basra.

A security source said that an Iranian woman was hit by stray shot from a Kalashnikov rifle in the district of Abi al-Khasib, south of Basra, and was immediately transferred …