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تعيين أعضاء جدد باللجنة القيادية لفنادق وبيوت ضيافة حياة ريجنسي كريك هايتس دبي

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 15 من مارس 2020 /PRNewswire/ — قررت فنادق وبيوت ضيافة حياة ريجنسي كريك هايتس دبي تعيين غادة صلاح مديرًا مساعدًا تنفيذيًا للمبيعات والتسويق وإيشان جانجاخيدكار مديرًا لإدارة ألايرادات، لينضما بذلك إلى اللجنة القيادية للمجموعة.

وفقًا لقرار فنادق

Maysan Governor Allocates His House As Quarantine For Any Suspected Case Of Coronavirus

Al-Amara, The head of the Corona Crisis Cell in Maysan, the governor, Ali Daway, has allocated his private house a quarantine site for any suspected cases of the Coronavirus.

He said that his house is empty and he did not live in …

First Case of Coronavirus Recorded In Diwaniyah

Al-Diwaniyah, The first case of Coronavirus was recorded in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate.

The Director General of the Governorate Health Department said in a statement “The first confirmed infection was seen in the center of Diwaniyah city, the Al-Furat neighborhood, for a girl after …

Corona virus: No tourism visas, arrival of cruise ships and sports activities for 30 days with effect from March 15

Supreme Committee formed by the government of Oman to deal with situation arising due to Corona virus and issues related to tourism has taken the following decisions:

– Issuing of tourism visa would remain suspended for 30 days with effect from March …