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247 days of war on Palestine

247 days of war on Palestine

Gaza: Israeli aircraft continued their bombing of various areas of the Gaza Strip on the 247th day of the war, leaving dozens of martyrs and large numbers of wounded.

The Israeli occupation committed five massacres against families in the Gaza Strip during the last 24 hours, including 70 martyrs and 150 injuries, bringing the number of war victims to 36,801 martyrs and 83,680 injuries since the seventh of last October.

The occupation forces committed a horrific massacre in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday afternoon, killing hundreds of people, including martyrs and wounded.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of 218 citizens and the wounding of about 400. They were transferred to Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah and Al-Awda Hospital in Nuseirat, which alone received 116 martyrs and more than 250 wounded.

The massacre began after special forces entered the market area in the middle of the Nuseirat camp, claiming to liberate four prisoners, as Israel used helicopters to fire o
n citizens inside and outside their homes.

The bodies of the martyrs and wounded continued to bleed for more than an hour and a half until the occupation forces withdrew with air cover.

The occupation aircraft simultaneously launched raids on Deir al-Balah, al-Bariyah, and al-Maghazi, where a number of martyrs died.

At dawn today, raids were renewed in the central Gaza Strip, bombing a house for the Al-Sharif family in the Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip, resulting in casualties.

The occupation warplanes bombed an uninhabited house for the Al-Bashiti family in Al-Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

The occupation aircraft also bombed the house of citizen Yousef Al-Louh on Al-Dawa Street, east of Al-Nuseirat, in the central Gaza Strip.

Southern Gaza Strip

The Rafah invasion operation, which has entered its second month, continues with the advance of occupation tanks towards the north of the city.

The tanks reached Khirbet Al-Adas, the Arbaba area and Al-Hashash amid heavy shelling.

The plane
s destroyed the upper floors of the Shaboura camp.

The occupation army took control of the border strip between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, advanced near the sea coast, and forced thousands of Palestinians to flee.

Gaza and the north

In Gaza City, four were killed and two children were injured after Israeli occupation aircraft targeted a residential apartment in the Al-Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City

Source: Maan News Agency