3 Terrorists Arrested In Mosul

Baghdad, The security forces arrested three ISIS terrorists in Nineveh.

A statement of the Ministry of the Interior, a copy of it received by the National Iraqi News Agency: A joint force of the 14th Police Emergency Regiment of the Nineveh Police Command and the Directorate of Intelligence and Combating Terrorism of Nineveh arrested (three) members of the ISIS terrorist gangs, including a woman who was working in the so-called (Hesba), and she is wanted by several cases related to terrorism and the other two, one of them is called (Abu Qatada) and the second is called (Abu Bakr) who were operating as fighters in the so-called (Al-Furqan Brigade) during the period of ISIS control of the city of Mosul. And they were arrested in the left and right side of the city of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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