6 massacres in the central Gaza Strip result in 36 martyrs

Gaza – Ma’an – The Israeli occupation army committed a horrific massacre against the Abu Freih family in Nuseirat, killing 17 people, including 14 children and a woman.

The government media office said that this massacre coincided with the occupation committing six massacres in the central refugee camps, raising the number of martyrs to 29 within hours, most of whom were children and women. This comes within the framework of the genocide crime that the occupation army has been waging against our Palestinian people for the tenth consecutive month.

The office condemned in the strongest terms the “Israeli” occupation’s commission of massacres and crimes against civilians, condemning the US administration’s alignment with the occupation in the crime of genocide.

It held the Israeli occupation and the US administration fully responsible for the continuation of these horrific massacres against civilians.

It called on the international community, the United Nations, various international organizations, and all f
ree countries of the world to pressure the “Israeli” occupation and the US administration to stop the war of genocide and stop the flow of blood in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Maan News Agency