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A report by the Journalists Syndicate confirms the occupation’s continued killing of journalists during the first quarter of 2024

A report by the Journalists Syndicate confirms the occupation’s continued killing of journalists during the first quarter of 2024

Ramallah – Ma’an – A report issued by the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate shed light on the Israeli occupation army’s continued targeting of journalists for the purpose of killing.

A statement issued by the Syndicate’s Freedoms Committee explained that one of the ironies that strikes those who follow the course of the Israeli occupation’s crimes against Palestinian journalists is that the number of martyrs is greater than the wounded, and this is evident in the committee’s monitoring and documentation tables last year, as well as the continuation of the policy and methodology of the occupation army, which became clear in the first quarter. Also from the year 2024, 31 journalists were killed, while 30 journalists were injured by missile fragments, artillery shells, and bullets in the same period.

The Chairman of the Freedoms Committee of the Syndicate, Muhammad Al-Laham, commented on the report of the first quarter of this year that the normal thing in all wars and conflicts is that the number of wounded i
s much greater than the number of dead, and this is what makes what is happening in Palestine abnormal, because this indicates and demonstrates that there is a decision on The highest political level in the Israeli occupation system targeted Palestinian journalists with murder and liquidation in an attempt to kill the truth, as every journalist who was wounded was a projected martyr and not everyone who was martyred was intended to be wounded.

Al-Lahham added that for this reason, foreign journalists were prevented from entering the Gaza Strip by a decision of the so-called Israeli Supreme Court, because the occupation will make it difficult for it to kill foreign journalists and to be alone in killing Palestinian journalists in front of the world that is silent about crimes and one-eyed towards genocide, and to continue to challenge and question the professionalism of Palestinian journalists in Gaza. .

Al-Lahham confirmed, according to the facts in the union’s report, that last year witnessed 23 journalist
s being injured by missile fragments, most of them in the Gaza Strip, while 48 were injured by bullets, most of them in the West Bank, while 102 journalists were killed in the Gaza Strip, meaning that the number of journalist martyrs is twice the number of injured journalists.

The first quarter of this year also recorded a clear increase in arrest crimes, as 15 journalists were arrested, in addition to four cases of forced disappearance of journalists so far.

Incidents of crews being detained and prevented from working witnessed a very noticeable increase to 82 incidents, most of them in the West Bank, in addition to the phenomenon of seizure and destruction of equipment, which rose to 35 cases. Last March was the most recorded month for crimes, attacks, and occupation violations in the first quarter, with 106 cases. The most geographically significant cases of assault occurred in Gaza City, followed by occupied Jerusalem.

Source: Maan News Agency