Abu Obeida: Our ability to fight and confront has become stronger

Jerusalem – Ma’an – Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said: “Our people are still being subjected to aggression and genocide as punishment for their adherence to their land.”

He added in a recorded speech, “The crimes of the occupation have reached their peak with systematic cleansing and genocide in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.”

He said, “The Al-Aqsa flood was not the beginning of our resistance to the occupation’s aggression, but rather an explosion in the face of the enemy’s crimes.”

“We are still fighting in Gaza without external support, and our people are still steadfast without food or medicine,” he said.

“Our mujahideen have been fighting for 9 months and are breaking the enemy army supported by the United States and Britain,” he said.

He continued: “Independent opinion polls show, after months of aggression, how our people are rallying behind their resistance.”

He said, “The occupation army uses civilians
as human shields, bombs homes, and violates hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches.”

He continued, “The world saw through the crimes of the occupation in Gaza the lie of international organizations and the failure of the alleged human rights laws.”

He said, “All our 24 battalions, along with all the resistance factions, fought the enemy and defeated it in various parts of the Strip.”

He continued, “The enemy has received and continues to receive painful blows wherever it penetrates into the Gaza Strip.”

He said, “The battle of Rafah and what our fighters are writing in Shuja’iyya and elsewhere is evidence of the strength of our resistance and the failure and defeat of the enemy.”

He said, “There is no place in Gaza for forces holed up in homes like thieves, nor for officers hiding behind armored vehicles.”

He said, “The central axis of the sector, called Netzarim, will be an axis of terror and killing, and the enemy will emerge from it defeated and routed.”

He stressed that the human capabilities of
the Qassam Brigades are very good and during the war we were able to recruit thousands of new fighters. There are thousands of fighters ready to confront the enemy whenever necessary.

He said that the ability of our Mujahideen to fight and confront has become stronger in the face of the crimes and annihilation of the occupation.

He said that the absolute victory that Netanyahu is talking about means his personal victory and the satisfaction of the thugs of his government.

He said that the resistance fronts in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen have united to support Jerusalem, and the collective conscience of our nation sides with this resistance.

Source: Maan News Agency