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After Gantz’s resignation from the war cabinet… the call for a Zionist national government without Arabs

After Gantz’s resignation from the war cabinet… the call for a Zionist national government without Arabs

Haifa – Together – Amir Makhoul from the Taqaddam Center for Policy said, in an assessment of Oli’s position, after Gantz’s resignation from the war cabinet, Netanyahu’s government has become weaker and does not have the ability to make a strategic decision for which Netanyahu bears direct responsibility.

Makhoul added: ‘Asking Ben Gvir and Smotrich to join the war cabinet is an obsession that frightens Netanyahu, and he may dissolve the war cabinet.’

Makhoul continued in his assessment: ‘Gantz’s direct approach to Defense Minister Gallant to make the courageous decision worries Netanyahu, even if he wishes to get rid of Gallant, but he needs him now in his reduced government. Netanyahu is seeking to win over both the head of the Yisrael Beytenu and Lieberman party and tempt him to take over the portfolio of defense minister.’ And so is the head of the official right-wing party, Sa’ar, and so far both of them have responded negatively, as long as Netanyahu remains prime minister.’

Makhoul said: ‘The most d
angerous thing stated in the resignation letter is his assessment that the war will continue for many years and victory will be costly, and Gantz calls for early elections whose date has been agreed upon, after which a ‘Zionist national unity government’ will be established, meaning the exclusion of any government that is not based in any way on parties. Arabic language and no support from outside it.

He added: “Gantz did not deviate from the framework of the military solution and did not present any political alternative to Netanyahu and his government.”

Regarding the visit of Blinken, the US Secretary of State, he said: ‘Blinken’s visit, as announced tomorrow, will constitute a test to know the direction of the Netanyahu government, and there is no room for him to evade it. The key to the early elections is due to the decision of the Eastern Religious Party ‘Shas’ and its leader, Aryeh Deri, which seeks to break up the partnership with Likud and its leader, Netanyahu, are likely to support the position of
the religious party (Ashkenazi) United Torah Judaism, exclusively in light of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the recruitment of religious people into the army that is planned these days.

Makhoul concluded in his assessment: ‘Gantz’s resignation from the war cabinet is the beginning of a progression in political interactions, whether at the internal level and the new alignments in the party scene, or at the external level in the relationship of a purely extreme right-wing government with the United States and the rest of Western society.’

Source: Maan News Agency