Agreement Signed to Establish Oman Towers Company

An agreement was signed at the Grand

Hyatt Hotel, Muscat, today to establish Oman Towers Company. Oman

70 Holding Company owns 56 percent stake in the company and

ActivCo, which enjoys global experience specialised in the

management, operation and maintenance of telecommunication

towers, owns 34 percent. The Government, represented by Oman

Broadband Company (OBC), owns 10 percent.

The agreement was signed on behalf of OBC and Oman 70

Holding Company by Said bin Hamdoon al-Harthy, Undersecretary of

the Ministry of Transport and Communications for Ports and Maritime

Affairs, Chairman of the OBC Board of Directors whilst it was signed

from ActivCo by Richard Thomas, Chairman of ActiveCo Board of

Directors in the presence of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Futaisi,

Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and

Communications for Ports and Maritime Affairs said that establishing a

company for telecommunication towers with strategic partners from

inside and outside the Sultanate comes to unite efforts for building up

standardised telecommunications infrastructure to be utilised by all

licensed operators in the Sultanate.

He added that the company will start, in the first stage of which

investment estimated at more than RO15 million, building new towers

required to expand networks of operators for the upcoming period. The

company, in the second stage, will work on the project to reach an

agreement with current operators for the management or ownership of

the towers, which are currently owned by other operators and

institutions, after valuing them and reaching a partnership agreement

with them. He explained that the objective of establishing this company

represented in unifying efforts in building an infrastructure for

telecommunications and avoidance of redundancy in relation to


Eng. Said bin Abdullah al-Manthri, CEO of OBC pointed out that

establishing a company for towers came in line with the technological

progress imposed on companies. He explained that the focus on

applications and smart software requires building a company

specialised in setting up infrastructure for the sake of avoiding

redundancy and effectively investing in this sector.

He added that the new towers will cover all governorates of the

Sultanate starting with highways and new areas. He pointed out that

during five years, 600 towers are expected to be built. He further said

that this figure might increase or decrease according to the market

status especially with the entry of a third operator or innovating new

methods or new areas.

Source: Oman News Agency