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Ahad Foundation Secures Release of Some Prisoners

Ahad Foundation Secures Release of Some Prisoners

Muscat: Ahad Foundation contributed to the release of a number of prisoners who met the conditions of the humanitarian relief aid programme ‘Fak-Kurba’, an initiative espoused by Oman Lawyers Association.

Ahad Foundation keeps lending support to distressed detainees and their families during the blessed month of Ramadan and other occasions. Its backing turns timely in the runup to Eid Al Fitr celebration so that the families could enjoy a happy social ambience.

Ahad Foundation promotes community empowerment initiatives, notably those related to women, people with disabilities and people with limited income. It also supports families, individuals and civil society organizations that provide rehabilitation and social care services for needy segments of the community, including the elderly and orphans.

Source: Oman News Agency