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Air force helicopter crash kills 1, wounds 12 in Afghanistan

Air force helicopter crash kills 1, wounds 12 in Afghanistan

A helicopter crash in AfghanistanÂ’s western Ghor province killed one person and injured 12 others, said the Afghan Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

Taliban-run Afghan Ministry of Defense in a statement said that the helicopter used by the Air force was forced to make an emergency landing due to technical problems, adding that the helicopter had traveled from Herat to Ghor to remove the bodies of flood victims whose vehicle had sunk in the Harirod River two days earlier.

“An MI 17 type aircraft of the country’s air forces, which had been dispatched to extract the bodies of some of our compatriots who had previously fallen into the Harirod River in Ghor province with a certain type of vehicle, suffered technical complications after the rescue and hit a wall during the emergency landing in the city of Firozkoh, resulting in its crash,” the statement read.

It confirmed that as a result, one person was killed and twelve other passengers were injured.

The spokesperson for the provincial government, Abdul Wahid H
amas in a statement to media said that an investigation has been initiated into the incident, adding that the deceased and injured have been transported to the hospital in Ghor following the crash.

Source: Kuwait News Agency