Air passengers must carry tickets as proof

Muscat: Travellers must carry flight tickets as proof while commuting to the airport or to their homes. They will be allowed to have one companion to drop them off or receive them at the airport, Major Mohammed al Hashmi of Royal Oman Police in an interview on Saturday.\

“Our flights are departing on time. For flights departing in the evening, please ensure that you are carrying a printed copy of your tickets, or have a digital copy on your mobile device, along with relevant travel identification in case you are asked for them by the relevant authorities,” Oman Air said in a statement.

Oman Airports has said that travelers whose flight times are within the COVID-19 curfew hours are not required to reach the airport earlier than normal.

No travelers will be allowed in the Departures Hall until the required time. Royal Oman Police (ROP) will consider the hard or soft copy of the e-ticket in addition to the identification documents to pass through the checkpoints for travelers – and one person accompanying them – to/from the airport during the curfew hours.

He said commercial establishments must stop activities to ensure that their customers and employees can reach home before the lockdown.


Source: Oman Observer