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Al-Aloul and Al-Masry hand over the restored houses to the people of Al-Mughayir

Al-Aloul and Al-Masry hand over the restored houses to the people of Al-Mughayir

Nablus – Together – Together In the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Fatah Movement, Mahmoud Al-Alul, Bashar Masri handed over all the houses that were burned by the settlers to their owners in the village of Al-Mughayir after completing their restoration in cooperation with the National Security Forces. The restoration work was completed within a short period to ensure that the people returned to their homes quickly.

Al-Aloul said: ‘Our struggle continues with the extremist settlers who are oppressing Palestinian villages and towns with the support and complicity of the extreme right-wing occupation government. However, the equation of steadfastness and steadfastness requires the solidarity of the various components of the Palestinian people, such as Brother Bashar Masri’s initiative in cooperation with the National Security Forces.’

He added, “I appreciate the great role played by the ‘On the Land’ initiative since its launch, with the aim of strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian citize
n on their land in confronting settlement.”

For his part, Masri said: ‘Today I return to the village of Al-Mughair to see the people happy in their homes again. I visited them last month with sadness in their eyes in front of their burning homes, and I will continue, God willing, to support their steadfastness.’

He added, “I salute the brothers in National Security, the people, the village council, my fellow engineers in the city of Rawabi, and the Palestinian Telecommunications Company for their great efforts in renovating homes within a short period,” noting that the cooperation embodied by this initiative between the various components of Palestinian society confirms the importance of joint work in facing challenges.

It is noteworthy that many Palestinian villages are constantly exposed to attacks, especially the attack launched by hundreds of heavily armed settlers in mid-April on the village of Al-Mughayyir, which resulted in the death of a citizen and the injury of others, in addition to the burning
and vandalization of a group of citizens’ homes and property.

Source: Maan News Agency