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Al-Asriya University organizes a welcome and introductory day for nursing diploma students

Al-Asriya University organizes a welcome and introductory day for nursing diploma students

The Department of Allied Health Professions at Modern University College organized a welcome and introductory day for new students accepted into the Diploma in Nursing major today, at the building of Attorney Dr. Hussein Al-Shuyouki in Ramallah.

The students were received by Dr. Ribhi Bsharat, Dean of the Modern University College, Mr. Qutaiba Alawneh, Director of the Student Affairs Department, Mr. Yasser Al-Sabti, Director of the Practical Training Office, and a group of academics and administrators.

Dr. Bisharat explained to the students the systems and laws in force in modern university settings, pointing out the necessity of adhering to the face-to-face work, and explaining the nature of the curricula and educational supplements and the ways to obtain them, in addition to clarifying the standards and conditions required for bridging in terms of grades and others.

Bisharat stressed that nursing is a vital artery that provides society and countries with the necessary competencies to maintain people’s health and provide them with the necessary health care in light of the challenges surrounding public health locally and globally. He explained that they undertake a great humanitarian mission that requires them to master what they have learned and reflect it in the best way in the labor market after graduation. .

Dr. Bisharat pointed out that Al-Asriya University, throughout its continuous forty-year journey in university education, has provided an educational environment and structure that responds to the requirements of the profession and the era, including basic laboratories and advanced simulation laboratories equipped with the latest medical devices and models for training, in addition to launching Al-Asriya Life Support Training Center, which enables students to Take basic and advanced courses in basic and advanced CPR and more.

For his part, Alawneh stated that the Student Affairs Department has been working from day one to involve students in extracurricular activities such as sports, literary and artistic activities, in addition to participating in local, Arab and international conferences in order to strengthen the students and provide them with life experiences that will remain a moral asset for them that will strengthen and support them with the knowledge they acquire. Theory and applied exercises in the academic field.

A. Alawneh added that the door of the Student Affairs Department is wide open for their suggestions and initiatives, considering that university modernity and its students complement the development role of the institution, and that providing them with a model educational environment is the department’s goal and its tireless endeavor.

Regarding practical training, Mr. Yasser Al-Sabti, the training officer at Al-Asriya University, explained the training stages that nursing diploma students go through, starting from the first semester until the last, stressing that commitment to practical training must be double that of its theoretical part, by wearing the official uniform and adhering to training protocols and applications. The students’ commitment will later reflect educational outcomes and the ability to fulfill the requirements of the profession in the Palestinian labor market.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the academics and students went on a tour of the Al-Asriya University campus to learn about its important halls and facilities.

It is noteworthy that Al-Asriya University will organize an introductory day for the bachelor’s degree in nursing and other allied health professions, on Wednesday, 9/13/2023

Source: Maan News Agency