Al-Jazeera correspondent injured in Israeli shelling on S. Lebanon

Two people, including Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmad Ghanem, were injured in a bombardment by the Israeli occupation forces on a house in Kfarchouba, south Lebanon, on Thursday.

Ghanem was hit by shrapnel in his head and another person suffered burns due to the shelling, the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The artillery also targeted multiple other locations like Al-Dhuhaira and Khiam with phosphorus bombs and shells.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation air force carried out intense air raids on several towns, causing significant material damage to the homes and property.

On the other hand, the NNA quoted statements from the Lebanese resistance forces as saying that they targeted the occupation forces’ surveillance equipment and a building in Adamit that had weapons which caused a fire dealing one death and injuries to others.

The resistance also targeted positions in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa farms with rockets and artillery, achieving direct hits.

Since October 7th, the southern Lebanese bor
der has witnessed military confrontations between the occupation forces and the resistance daily.

Source: Kuwait News Agency