Al Musannah Health Centre marks Patient Safety Day

Musannah, Al Musannah Health Centre celebrated the world patient safety day in Wilayat Al Musannah recently. The theme of the day, which falls on September 17 every year, is ‘health worker safety: a priority for patient safety.’
The event is marked as hospital staff across the world wage battle against COVID-19 risking their health and safety.
The event was filled with voluntary initiatives from several community bodies who praised the health workers and medical personnel of Al Musannah Health Centre. The health personnel distributed face masks and sanitisers for the patients who came for medical check-up at the Al Musannah Health Centre. The health personnel received gifts at the end of the event.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted unprecedented pressure on health systems worldwide. A knowledgeable and skilled health workforce is critical for the provision of safe care to patients.
Therefore, strict adherence to safety standards to maintain the safety of both the health cadres and patients is required. It is also a time to express our thanks and gratitude to medical and allied medical cadres, administrative and technical personnel who are the first line of defence against the pandemic.

Source: Oman Observer