Al Shomoukh/2 and SS3 Military Exercises Field Deployment Complete

Muscat, The Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) ‘s commands, formations and units taking part in Al Shomoukh/2 and Al Saif Al Sarea (Swift Sword/3) or SS3 military exercises have completed their field, land, air and maritime deployment as per the preset deployment plan till all weapons and equipment are deployed at the specified areas for them at the operations theater.

The deployment process included activating an air bridge and transporting a number of military vehicles and equipment. The process was supported by the Royal Air Force of Oman ‘s transport aircrafts. The process was implemented instantaneously with the activation of the plans for the other land, air and maritime teams, commands and units to ensure full deployment in a record time.

SAF have dedicated all their military resources to activate the training, fields , administrative and technical plans that ensure active participation with the military , security and civil organizations.

Source: Oman News Agency

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