Algerian Author Writes Longest Book

Algiers, A young Algerian woman is trying to enter Guinness with a book she has written. It is likely to be the longest in terms of the number of pages.

According to Noura Ta’allah, the first version of her book “Gate of Success” consists of 10551 pages, representing the maximum number of pages that the printing press was able to bind in one book.

The woman, born in 1989, said that the book, sub-titled as (Benefits, Wisdoms, Sayings, Lessons), contains a wide range of topics that summarize the events, stories, experiences and situations passed, seen or heard by the author, each ended by her with a result.

She explained that she completed this book over many years. She used to write one part then she stopped for a period, before moving on to the next part. The book contains 100 thousand wisdoms and sayings.

Source: Oman News Agency