All Target Segments to Be Provided with Free of Charge Covid-19 Vaccine at Health Ministry Establishments

Muscat, In accordance with priorities of the National Strategy for Immunization against Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Ministry of Health has reaffirmed its total commitment to provide Covid-19 vaccination, free of charge, for all target segments of citizens and residents at establishments of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry pointed out that many private sector companies showed their willingness to support national efforts to combat the pandemic, notably by getting their workers immunized. They also expressed readiness to support the coronavirus fund for providing medicines, personal protection items and testing equipment, said the Health Ministry, which registered the firms’ applications.

The Ministry added that the pandemic highlighted the public-private sector partnership. It pointed out that it has been decided to engage private sector establishments so that they would contribute to the National Immunization Campaign, provide their employees with vaccines (as part of the firms’ social responsibilities) and support coronavirus fund.

The fixing of vaccine prices was based on the cost of production, shipping and storage fees and logistic operation costs, said the Ministry of Health.

Source: Oman News Agency