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Amir Makhoul: Gallant opens the ‘eighth front’ of the war

Amir Makhoul: Gallant opens the ‘eighth front’ of the war

Jerusalem – Ma’an – The writer on Israeli affairs, Amir Makhoul, said that Gallant’s speech today is the most important since October 7, in which he opened the “eighth” war front, which is exclusively between the Israeli security establishment and the Netanyahu government and its president.

He pointed out that Netanyahu’s failure to take a decision is a decisive decision to adopt the point of view of the army and the security establishment and puts Israel’s security in danger.

He asked: ‘Will Netanyahu dismiss Gallant? The question is if he is able to do so, and it is unlikely due to the expected unrest, but if he is forced, he will do so to protect his stay in power.’

Makhoul stated that the speech strengthens Gallant’s position and besieges Netanyahu, but all possibilities remain open.

He stressed that the Israeli strategic failure in Gaza is weighing on the raging political crisis and turning into an open conflict between the military and security institutions and Netanyahu and his government.

: Maan News Agency