An outstanding student in the Faculty of Medicine appeals to the charitable people to complete her studies at the university

Jerusalem – Ma’an – Student K.A. is enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in her second year of study. Despite her excellence in her educational career and her obtaining an excellent grade at the university and being one of the top students in the faculty, she did not receive a university scholarship to help her family who are unable to provide the required fees.

The student was keen on academic excellence until her name became associated with the college’s honor roll, believing that excellence and need are two reasons for her to receive her right to education, and that money should not be an obstacle to her continuing her university career.

The student’s father suffers from chronic health problems. He is a retired government employee with a monthly income of no more than 3,000 shekels. He supports his family of 6 people, and is barely able to provide for his family’s basic expenses of food and drink. He also has a son enrolled in university, which has added many burdens to the family that are impossible to m

From Ma’an Agency, the student appeals to the charitable people to help her pay her university fees for the summer semester, which amount to 5,420 shekels. To provide assistance and inquiries, please call 0597032595. Thank you.

Source: Maan News Agency