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And the hardships saved him while he was an immigrant.. One hundred verses in love of the noble Messenger, peace be upon him and his family, on the anniversary of his migration

And the hardships saved him while he was an immigrant.. One hundred verses in love of the noble Messenger, peace be upon him and his family, on the anniversary of his migration

May God bless you, O mother of Ma’bad

With a light that shone from the suns of Muhammad

He is the one who punishes, the one who is protected, and the one who gathers.

The most honorable of people will remain in every observatory

They sang about ruins, but what do I have to do with Khawla?

If they saw her in the homes of Thamad?!

And they wandered with their camels, then what do I have to do with her

when her riders head towards Dharghad?!

I try to say something that shows all the goodness

And a light for those who have lost their way, to be guided

And the most comprehensive thing said in praise of a master

He is the bright singular if it is said, ‘My master.’

It is the clarity spread in the sky

And a flash of lightning in a darkened darkness

, so I return with broken eyelids and sleepless.

And whoever seeks the heavens will one day be kept awake

I try, but major sins are in my blood

You tell me to go back, you’re the one who ruined me

Do you praise the best of creation? Your sin has not ceas

He is being extravagant, and your steps are aggressive.

If you want closeness, then take the path repentant

And whoever seeks the guidance of the lovers will be guided.

He knocks on the windows of the guides and hopes

Acceptance, and walks to the clouds, and redeems

And he cries out: I have returned, O Lord, a Muslim.

For your sake, I will tie the rope of your throne in my hand.

I love my messenger, so open the door wide

As your hands could hold my tears of affection

Give me letters to complete a sentence

It suits someone who gives the hymn to a singer.

Muhammad is the voice of light since the creation spoke

The cry of the fire of truth in every hearth

He is the pole, the generous helper, and a mercy.

From God, a gift to every institute

that shares its bread in the hunger of the evenings.

To sleep with a hot, fluted eyelid

And a thirsty man drinks from his abundant spring.

To fill the palm trees with emerald blossoms

And the Lord of the universe disciplined him, preserving him.

His mo
rals are the Quran in every respect.

The faithful spirit came to explain

And he dictated to him the remembrance without refutation

A valuable and revealed book of life

For every tribe in eternal time

It lights the path of the wayfarers and their night.

And it explains the chest of the hesitant questioner

The spring of the hearts of those who know his guidance

And I protect, in the name of God, every envied person.

He spent a long time in the land of Mecca, praying

To meet the follies of the stubborn, denouncing one

, and the alliances hastened to watch for his death

in a sinful night, with a disfigured face and foaming at the mouth.

But in the eyes of a sovereign Lord,

when He says, ‘Be,’ to a thing, it will be at an appointed time. So

He insisted on sending the message to his family, so that

they might spread out on the breasts of the stars with glory.

And a husband, an old man, and a young man walked with him.

Let us reach the lofty palace of the Most High

And the difficult land submitted
to him with satisfaction

And he changed a page into a complex revenge poison

And the days shone long and wide

As if there were no allegations of Arbad in it

And the Persian stranger became one of his family members.

And a sold slave… like an imitation sword

He argued in a good manner and secured the covenant.

And I remain on the spectra of a numbered arc

It was nothing but a fortress when the battle raged

And a shady shade in the heat and the cold

He turned the gazelles of the swords into a harvester’s sickle.

He built a ruling, his crown is above the sky

He was so humble that most of his companions were distinguished.

He was great in the cloak of a soldier.

He called for the legislation of windows whenever

Something new comes to life in the renewing evening

A herald and a trustworthy one, a trustworthy and purified one,

And a slave to other than God who did not worship

His white intentions are a wall of immunity

For a balanced soul and mind that has not been squandered

The world has com
e as a stumbling block and a trial

It became a domed building.

They buried a pearl in the sand dunes.

So it returned as milk in a smooth, well-groomed field.

Did they hear anything but the clanging of ignorance?

It became a cooing in a singing space

And the thrones of the bridal chambers became clear

On the purity of a newborn And the most merciful of parents

He is the virgin fire in the chest of a poet

And the gasp of the night of the ascetic worshipper

He is the sugar scattered in the joy of the morning

And the song of the innocent, veiled child

He is the joy coming behind a cloud

that shades an old man whose back has not been supported

He is the mercy poured from the mouth of a grandmother

who lulls her ten times with all affection

Far from colors, shape, and passion

And farther from those who doubt Zahra’s beauty

It is the overflowing glow from above

With it, the ages shine in every eternity.

He has a high status, so he has surpassed… and he has seen…

It was said that it appeared
to the sheathed light

He walks without a shadow, and in it are minarets

for the complaint of a camel in torment, exhausted.

My beloved, whom I long for; the Qiblah of our souls.

And the lamp of the house of the ignorant

My messenger who gave the wing its space

He removed the shackles of illusion from Umm Aswad

He took the world with his gentle actions

He never achieved it with the sharp edge of a sword

, but whoever does wrong will be met with his fire.

So away with a people whose life is in danger.

His message: Love, no difference, give what you have.

You have pearls that are beautiful… for the friend

I don’t care about days that come and go

If there is no mention of the purifier tomorrow

I hope to join the Prophet’s caravan at a place of rest

To catch up with him on the day of the race with the best

The prophecy of Moses when he spoke to his Lord

And the hymn of the penitent and the birds come to eat

And the call of Abraham to those who believed in visions

Glory be to Him who is not re
duced to ashes in the fire.

The good news of Jesus and the good news is hoped for

And his companions are in every deserted valley

And he called them by their names in his book

And you are the one who is called by the supported prophet

If a letter leaves your lips, it will not stop

Leading the steps of the stars to the patient

You say, “Take from me…” but a group

She turned her back on him like a shield

And you said, “Do…” What have we done? My nation…

Driven like a herd from a bridle to a manger

There are no limits, the taboos are removed

There is no honorable person, for humiliation is my seat.

And you showed the way to people, and I wish we were

We walk right ahead to the paved path

Even if there is a righteous and pure person among us

I swear I didn’t care when my Uday came

As if you are a heart and the creatures are its body

Your law is the embodied pulse of the world

And He gave you what He had not given to anyone before you.

And He has made you the eternal, abundant pool.

use you are the completion of the two verses and their full moon

The warmth of my blanket in the open and my support

Your fragrant beauty is seen by those who pass by in the dark

Even if he had a blind, gray eye

Your silence is louder than the singing of a singer

And the trembling of forests and the cry of a newborn

Your sadness is what silk says to a coal

And a pomegranate tear on a beardless cheek

Your voice is a flute traveling in the lightning

The voice of the sky was not hidden… to begin

Your hand is a river that flows in every direction

And what is good in the wrinkly ocean’s belly

My heart will always beat with the name Ahmed

Even if they besiege him with chains of iron

And the praises of mankind will remain forever

Overflowing with the lights of repeated peace

Handsome, handsome, with a clear face and a dark complexion

Dignified, handsome, dark-skinned, without a scrunchie

More beloved to us than the air of our souls

And more precious to us than agate and amber

The fragrance stea
ls its scent

The kohl of the eyes is envied by the stones of kohl.

They have preached his description throughout the centuries.

They came on the path of the guided prophet

He illuminated the foreheads of the messengers with his secret

And the most eloquent of words in every place of rest,

the garment of Jerusalem is perfumed with his musk.

And the fragrance of the Ascension from his dewy steps

, O light of the one who led the prophets behind him

He seemed to be a worshipper who surpassed any other worship.

Brother of the trunk’s longing, and the connection is an accident..

So what if nostalgia longs for a date!

The Most Gracious will shade him from the breeze of the sunrise.

And protects him from every evil fang.

And he was the names when they were revealed

Adam, in the stage of ascending maturity,

is the light flowing through the ages, and his religion is

for the happiness of this universe in every scene.

And whoever follows the guidance of the Prophet and his family

He is not alone, even
if he is alone

And the hardships save him while he is an immigrant

And a red-bellied raven owl watches him.

And he returned with a greater victory on the day of his fast.

Let Bilal rise with the glorious call

Taiba has a special fortune in every garden

The prayer niche of the worshippers and the paradise of the resting place

Mecca is the cradle of revelation, family and childhood

And she deserves a house of light and construction.

It would be nice if time could go back, maybe

I see myself in my house or I talk to my hoopoe

He sends greetings from me to the Messenger

And carries me towards the propped roof

To kiss a perfume that has no equal in fragrance

And he touched the arranged saffron threads

I think that the spirit has returned his tongue

So I hear the greeting of the extended intercessor.

And when he says: The path was lost with its people

But this longing is worthy of my mosque

And there was someone who called out… and his question was lost;

Do you know what Ahmad’s Night Journey
and Ascension are?

Source: Maan News Agency