President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed up on the developments in the southern border region after missile-launching towards the occupied territories, and the Israeli shelling of several border villages and towns.


President Aoun received reports from the army command about the circumstances of what happened, and the measures taken by the army to restore calm and stability to the region in cooperation with the command of the international emergency forces operating in the south “UNIFIL”.


The President also gave his directives to take care of the residents who were forced to leave their homes in the villages and towns that were subjected to Israeli bombardment in anticipation of any escalation, and to provide them with the necessary needs.


Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF:

President Aoun received the Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, Mr. Omar Abdi, with the accompanying delegation, which included the organization’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Edouard Chaiban, and the organization’s representative in Lebanon, Ms. Yuki Mukio, who briefed President Aoun on UNICEF’s activities in Lebanon and the interest it shows in addressing the social and humanitarian conditions, especially after the recent developments that Lebanon is going through following the explosion of the port and the growing social and economic crisis.


Mr. Abdi explained that he came to Lebanon to participate in the commemoration of the first anniversary of the tragedy of the Beirut port explosion, and to learn about the conditions of children in Lebanon in light of the deteriorating conditions the country is going through, pointing to the programs prepared by “UNICEF” to help.


Mr. Abdi also confirmed that UNICEF will work with great effort not to collapse the social system in Lebanon, and to help address the crisis of medicine and the health system, presenting his observations during his tour in a number of Lebanese regions, especially in the north.


For his part, President Aoun welcomed Mr. Abdi and the accompanying delegation, and gave him a detailed presentation of the current situation in Lebanon, the accumulated reasons that brought the country to what it is, from the global economic crisis to the Syrian war and its repercussions on Lebanon with the displacement of more than one million and 850 thousand Syrians to its lands, and the cost  Lebanon has taken care of these displaced people, in addition to the internal economic crises, the “Corona” pandemic, and the port explosion.


In addition, President Aoun explained the current economic difficulties that posed many challenges at all social, health and humanitarian levels, pointing to Lebanon’s inability to address these crises without the support of the international community, noting the conference held in Paris two days ago to support the Lebanese people and the wide participation in it, thanking the President French Emmanuel Macron and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for coordinating the support that appeared at this conference.

Moreover, President Aoun stressed the need to help Lebanon in its quest to return the displaced Syrians to their country, especially in the areas where the fighting has ended.


The President assured the Deputy Executive Director of “UNICEF” that work is underway to form the new government in cooperation with Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, whose priorities will be to carry out the necessary reforms, complete the forensic audit and pay attention to economic affairs.  President Aoun asked for help in securing medicine and milk for Lebanese children to face the crisis in this regard.


Head of CMA- CGM Group:

President Aoun met the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CMA-CGM Group, its general manager, Mr. Rodolphe Saade, and the director in the group, Mr. Joseph Dakkak, who informed the President of the group’s readiness to repair container cranes in Beirut Port, especially since the port is currently operating at 55 percent of its capacity.


President Aoun thanked Mr. Saade for his initiative, welcoming it, and requested communication with the competent authorities, especially the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Port of Beirut.

Mr. Albert Samaha.


President Aoun then metLebanon’s ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, Ambassador Albert Samaha, addressed with him the Lebanese-Omani relations and ways to develop them in all fields.


Congratulation Cables:

President Aoun received a telegram from Jordanian King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, congratulating him on the occasion of the new Hijri year, in which he said:

“I am pleased to take advantage of the celebrations of the Arab and Islamic nations on the occasion of the new Hijriyear (1443) to send to His Excellency, my dear brother, in my name and on behalf of the people and government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, my best congratulations and sincere fraternal feelings coupled with prayers to God Almighty, to restore this blessed occasion to you with good health and wellness. Let God repeat this feast on your brotherly people with more progress, elevation and prosperity, and upon the Arab and Islamic nations with goodness and blessing.


Source: National News Agency

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