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‘Arab American’ commemorates World Press Freedom Day

‘Arab American’ commemorates World Press Freedom Day

Jenin – Together – The Arab American University commemorated World Press Freedom Day by holding an educational symposium organized by the Arabic Language and Media Department at the College of Arts and Education in cooperation with the Student Union Council, and hosting journalist Ali Samoudi.

The symposium was moderated by the Head of the Arabic Language and Media Department, Mr. Sedqi Mousa, and was attended by the Dean of the College of Arts and Education, Dr. Jamal Hanaysha, and lecturer in the Arabic Language and Media Department, Dr. Imad Abu Hassan, and lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language and Media, Dr. Mahmoud Khalouf, and lecturer in the General Culture Department, Dr. Musa Odeh, the President of the Student Union Council and his staff, and students from the university.

Journalist Samoudi began his speech by presenting positions from his practical experience and advice from his experiences in journalistic work, advising the students to persevere and insist on achieving their dreams and be
lieving in their abilities, and to build a wide network of relationships that will help them in their professional lives, and for their voice to be free and true.

He reviewed the suffering that Palestinian journalists are subjected to, including killing, arrest, injury, and prevention from coverage. He said that although journalistic work is fraught with risks that affect the journalist’s life, he puts all these risks aside in order to convey the truth of what the Palestinian people are exposed to. The journalist must have a sense of belonging to his homeland and people, and believe in their rights and demands, so that he can deliver his message. .

Samoudi spoke about the assassination of journalist Sherine Abu Aqla and the severe injury he suffered at the time. He considered the assassination of Sherine and other Palestinian journalists to be the beginning of the crime committed today against Palestinian journalists and their direct targeting by the occupation, which is unprecedented.

In turn, the Dean of
the College of Arts and Education, Dr. Jamal Hanaysha explained the role of Palestinian journalists in conveying the truth despite the war crimes they are exposed to in the Gaza Strip, the destruction of media institutions, and the prevention of foreign media from entering the Strip.

He stressed that the Palestinian journalist once again proves his courage and professional competence, which did not please the occupation, which deliberately targeted journalists, closed media institutions, and executed freedom of the press.

Hanaysha called on international human rights institutions to protect Palestinian journalists, praising UNESCO’s honoring of Gaza Strip journalists who cover the Israeli war on the Strip and granting them the World Press Freedom Award.

Through a speech by student Ahmed Abu Al-Rub, the Student Union Council expressed its appreciation for Palestinian journalists and its pride in their national and professional role.

Abu Al-Rub said that Palestinian journalists provide a model of giving tha
t he is proud of, and they are the knights of the truth that the occupation seeks to disappear.

Source: Maan News Agency