Arab Interior Ministers Stress the Need to Streamline Efforts to Address Security Related Challenges

The Arab Interior Ministers affirmed at the end of the 35th meeting of the Arab Interior Minsters Council, which was held in the capital Algiers with the Sultanate’s participation, the need to streamline efforts to address the intellectual security related issues and combatting extremism which led to terrorism through social networks and internet.

The Sultanate’s delegation to the meeting was led by Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al- Busaidi, Minister of Interior.

The Arab Interior ministers emphasised on facing cross national borders organized crimes which are mainly rely on modern technology that require unified security prospects and joint action to prevent.

The Arab Interior Ministers agreed in the final communique of the meeting to cooperate for preventing terrorism activities, its expansion and to drain their intellectual and financial resources, as well cutting communications with those sympathizing with it, especially through modern communication systems and media.

Source: Oman News Agency