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Arab League: all signs positive on success of Arab summit in Bahrain

Arab League: all signs positive on success of Arab summit in Bahrain

CAIRO, The Arab League said on Tuesday that all indications are positive toward the success of the upcoming Arab summit, scheduled to take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain this coming Thursday.

In a statement, Arab League Assistant Secretary-General Ambassador Hossam Zaki, confirmed that all signs are positive for the success of the Bahraini Summit, indicating the readiness of the League Council’s agenda at the summit level in its 33rd regular session, which will be presented to the leaders of Arab countries next Thursday.

During his tour to the media center for the Bahrain Summit, Zaki added that “the consultative meeting of foreign ministers witnessed consensus on all the topics on the agenda.” The ambassador noted that there are many issues to be discussed, some of which are of a special political nature related to Gaza, the aggression of the Israeli occupation, and all action items related to the Palestinian issue, in addition to topics related to crises in other Arab countries.

He added that the Econom
ic and Social Council adopted a number of decisions that have an economic and social nature and are linked to the Arab strategy in various fields such as youth and health, pointing out that there is a special decision on reform that will be presented.

Source: Kuwait News Agency