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Arab League permanent representatives to convene on Sudan Mon.

Arab League permanent representatives to convene on Sudan Mon.

The Arab League announced Sunday holding an extraordinary meeting at the permanent representatives level on Monday, tomorrow, to discuss the latest developments in Sudan, upon Egypt’s request, the current president of the League’s council.

The League’s Secretariat General received an official letter from Egypt’s permanent mission, calling for resuming the extraordinary session of the League held on April 16, an Arab League source said in a press statement.

The statement issued during the last meeting’s permanent representative stipulates that the session is still held to follow up the developments in Sudan, according to the source.

The last meeting called for an immediate stop of all the armed clashes in Sudan to halt the bloodshed, and maintain safety and security of civilians as well as Sudan’s properties, unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The last gathering warned against increased violence in Sudan that is associated with dangerous repercussions

Source: Kuwait News Agency