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Arab Parl. condemns Israeli occupation bombing UNRWA school

Arab Parl. condemns Israeli occupation bombing UNRWA school

The Arab Parliament on Sunday strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ shelling of the UNRWA-affiliated Al-Jaouni School, which houses thousands of displaced people in Al-Nuseirat camp in central Gaza, killing and wounding dozens.

In a statement, the parliament denounced the occupation’s continued targeting of schools and centers for displaced people, considering this targeting a continuation of the genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and a blatant challenge to all international resolutions and laws, especially international humanitarian law.

It called on the international community, UN Security Council and influential countries to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop the genocide and brutal massacres it is committing against Palestinian civilians. The parliament called for holding the Israeli occupation officials accountable for these massacres as war criminals, stressing at the same time the importance of quickly implementing the entry of humanitarian and medical aid to the
Gaza Strip to reduce famine and the tragic conditions there.

On Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces targeted the Al-Jaouni School, run by UNRWA, which shelters displaced people in the Al-Nuseirat camp in central Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of 16 Palestinians and the injury of 50 others.

Source: Kuwait News Agency