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Arab Parliament urgs world stop aggression against Palestinians

Arab Parliament urgs world stop aggression against Palestinians

The Arab Parliament on Wednesday called on the international community and the United Nations Security Council to assume their responsibilities and intervene immediately to stop the aggression and genocide committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Arab Parliament emphasized in a statement the necessity of securing international protection for civilians in all Palestinian territories and abandoning the policy of double standards that prevail over the value and role of international law.

The statement marked the 76 anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe (Nakba), as it added that the peoples of the free world became more aware and supportive of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Peoples are aware now of the massacres, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and ethnic cleansing committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian civilians since October 7th.

Despite the thousands of martyrs, these crimes caused a significant shift in global perception
of Palestinian rights, highlighting the occupation’s racist and criminal nature.

The Parliament paid tribute to the Palestinians’ struggle against terrorism, defending their homeland, security, and their right of return to their homeland and establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

It reiterated support for the Palestinian people until they achieve these rights.

Source: Kuwait News Agency