Archiving Above 76K Trademark, Patent Applications in 2017

Muscat, The number of trademark and patents applications that have been archived electronically over the past year reached 76,015 applications, representing 75,624 trademarks applications and 391 patents applications.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry pointed out that the project of archiving applications for intellectual property electronically comes within the framework of the Ministry’s plan to speed the transformation towards e-government. The Ministry explained that the project deals with archiving all applications of the Intellectual Property Department (Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs) in several stages, as implementation of the first stage of the trademarks was done and thereafter the other applications were archived.

The Ministry affirmed that the archiving project will facilitate the procedures through the work of the Intellectual Property Department, in addition to reducing the burden on the employees, ensuring the proper conduct of the procedures ,and completing the transactions electronically with accuracy and error-free, as well as saving financial costs when completing transactions electronically, ensuring better and more effective management and easy access to archived information, and providing the right service to the applicants in a timely manner.

Source: Oman News Agency