Arctech Remained World’s 4th Largest Solar Tracker Supplier in 2020

SHANGHAI, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arctech, a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar trackers, fixed-tilt structures and BIPV systems, remained the fourth place in the global PV tracker market share rankings in 2020 with a market share of 8%, according to new data from Wood Mackenzie. The ranking is the recognition of Arctech’s industry-leading 1P and 2P trackers, as well as its quality services.

Source: Wood Mackenzie Power& Renewables

Wood Mackenzie’s new report shows that Arctech maintained strong momentum in China, India, the Asian Pacific region and the Middle East in 2020, and expansion in Latin America and North America also started to bear fruit.

According to the report, Arctech topped the ranking in the Asian Pacific region with a 35% market share, aided by the unparalleled leadership in the Indian solar market. The company maintained the number 1 tracker supplier in the region for three consecutive years.

Despite the pandemic disruption in India, Arctech struck a deal with one leading Indian developer to supply 1.7 GW of 1P SkyLine trackers to two projects in Rajasthan. In particular, the 860MW AEML solar power plant is the largest bifacial+tracker power generation project in India.

In the Middle East, Arctech rose to the second largest tracker supplier with a 33% market share, up a whopping 25% from 2019, according to Wood Mackenzie. The firm supplied 575 MW of SkyLine to the largest bifacial+tracker solar park in Oman last year.

Arctech ranked as the top tracker supplier in LATAM for the third year, and it continued to take the third spot in the Mexican market ranking in 2020. The sales momentum for Arctech’s signature 2P tracker, SkySmart II, remains strong in the region, especially in Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

The report notes that Arctech was still the unchallenged leader in China’s solar tracker sector, claiming a dominant market share of 46% in 2020.  The company delivered SkyLine to a 3.2GW solar park, the world’s largest solar PV plant in Qinghai province. Compared with some rivals who outsource manufacturing, Arctech boasts the combination of in-house product design, development and manufacturing, enabling it to have an edge in the cost-controllable production, quality control and delivery process.

“While the global solar market kept growing in 2020, we could still feel the impact of the pandemic. The fact that Arctech remained as the world’s fourth-largest tracker vendor justifies our global initiatives and highlights the competitiveness of Arctech’s trackers in the global market. The ranking speaks to our culture of innovation and technical leadership, and is also the result of our valued customer-first approach,” said Guy Rong, President of Global Business. “But we still have a long way to go. We will unwaveringly push ahead with the global strategy and continue to establish competitive strengths in the talent pool, supply chain, branding, service networks, among others. By pushing boundaries, Arctech is looking forward to building further on this success in 2021.”

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