Army Chief gives Order of The Day on Resistance and Liberation Day

Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, delivered the Order of The Day to the troops, marking the Resistance and Liberation Day. The Order read:


25 May 2000 was the day of Resistance and Liberation. It was a bright day in Lebanon’s history and it crowned years of fighting, resistance and heroic acts that the Lebanese citizens spent while confronting the Israeli enemy. Their sacrifices were finally fruitful when the biggest part of our land was liberated and our national sovereignty was regained. Lebanon affirmed its strength and its ultimate right in its soil, water and natural resources and confirmed that it will continue to liberate Chebaa farms and Kfarshouba hills in addition to the Northern section of Ghajar.


At a time when loyalty is considered a rare value and sacrifice for the sake of the nation has turned into actually sacrificing the nation, you remain loyal to the oath despite all disappointments facing the military institution through false promises, you are committed to the honor of performing your duty. You are offering one martyr after another and one wounded after another with unyielding will, as you are aware that this is how you may keep your oath and preserve the security, economy, civil peace and the concept of coexistence in our country. These sacrifices undoubtedly confirm that the souls of martyrs may not be measured with a material value and the dignity of the soldiers and their families is priceless.


Thanks to your efforts, you have accomplished several achievements, mainly victory over terrorism, consolidating internal stability amidst large numbers of refugees and displaced individuals and your deployment at the southern borders in compliance with Resolution 1701 and its stipulations, in cooperation and coordination with the UNIFIL. You have managed to realize these achievements despite the threats of the Israeli enemy and its constant trespasses on land, at sea and in the air. These feats have earned you the trust of allied and friend countries as well as that of the Lebanese citizens that consider you as a guarantee for security. Therefore, you have to measure up to this responsibility.


On this day, I vow to you and the Lebanese citizens that we will not rest until our entire land is liberated from the Israeli occupation and we will spare no drop of sweat nor blood in order to achieve this noble purpose, regardless of the challenges.

Source: National News Agency

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