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Arrests – the occupation demolishes two houses in the town of Azzun (witness)

Arrests – the occupation demolishes two houses in the town of Azzun (witness)

Qalqilya – Together – This Monday morning, the occupation army demolished two houses in the town of Azzun, also demolished the martyrs’ memorial, and arrested a group of young men, in addition to vandalizing and tampering with the contents of houses.

In this context, the Governor of Qalqilya, Major General Hossam Abu Hamda, praised the steadfastness of the people of the town of Azzun, and stressed that Azzun will remain unbreakable, thanks to its steadfast people, stationed, who write a story of steadfastness every day.

He stressed, “This organized terrorism carried out by the occupation army is blatant evidence of the level of decadence it has reached,” expressing his rejection and condemnation of the state of international silence regarding the crimes committed against our people.

It is noteworthy that the town of Azzun has been suffering from clear targeting by the occupation army for years, and this targeting intensified with the beginning of the aggression against our people last October, when the occ
upation forces closed the main entrance to the town with the iron gate, and established a camp to reinforce their permanent presence at this entrance, in addition to repeated closures. To other entrances, day and night raids do not stop.

Source: Maan News Agency