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As Eid approaches, the police officer warns against price manipulation and monopolization of goods

As Eid approaches, the police officer warns against price manipulation and monopolization of goods

The Customs Police Department warned against those who tempt themselves to exploit the Eid period to manipulate prices and monopolize goods for quick profit at the expense of the health and safety of our people, stressing that, in cooperation with its partners in the Market Protection Committee, they will be a strong barrier against everyone who tempts themselves to exploit The economic conditions that our people go through to bring in any illegal, corrupt and settlement goods.

The agency said that with the approaching Eid al-Adha, and as part of the action plan undertaken by the agency to protect markets: the police force is intensifying its monitoring and inspection tours of commercial stores in cooperation with the security and civil partner regulatory authorities, as part of the agency’s plan to tighten control over markets to ensure the availability of basic goods. And its compliance with specifications and standards.

On this occasion, the agency called on citizens to ensure the importance of verifying
the source of meat and sacrificial animals before purchasing them and their safety and compliance with the necessary conditions and specifications. It also calls on the merchant brothers to adhere to the prices announced by the competent authorities and to attach the meat to the necessary legal papers and transport it via means of transportation designated to preserve it.

The agency called on citizens to beware of buying fireworks and plastic bead toys, as they are a threat to your security and safety, especially since they are prohibited from trading in them according to the law. It called on citizens to partner with the customs police agency by submitting reports in the event of violations to the toll-free number 132 or various social media platforms. To the control device.

The Commander of the Service, Major General Iyad Barakat, extended the warmest congratulations and blessings from the leadership and all our people on the occasion of the approaching Eid Al-Adha, asking God Almighty to bring it back to
us as he removed the grief from our people and fulfilled the aspirations of our people to gain freedom and independence

Source: Maan News Agency