Bahrain condemns storming of Qatar Embassy in Khartoum

The Kingdom of Bahrain strongly condemned the storming and ransacking of the Qatari embassy in Khartoum by an armed group.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the act represents a serious violation of international covenants and norms that criminalize assaulting the sanctity of diplomatic buildings and missions.

In a statement today, the ministry reiterated Bahrain’s unequivocal stance, urging an end to acts of violence and vandalism in Sudan.

It stressed the need to provide full protection for the headquarters of diplomatic missions and civilian facilities and track down and punish the perpetrators of the attack.

It called on Sudanese parties to avoid escalation, heed their country’s national interests, and engage in peaceful dialogue and negotiations to settle the current crisis, in a way that meets the aspirations of the Sudanese people for security, peace and prosperity.

Source: Bahrain News Agency