Bank of Palestine and TechnoPark sign an agreement to support the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in Palestine

Ramallah-Ma’an-Bank of Palestine and the Palestine-India Techno Park signed an agreement to support the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in Palestine, with a special focus on women and youth to enhance the technology sector and create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for innovative businesses in Palestine, including harnessing resources and capabilities to provide opportunities for innovators and start-ups at home and abroad, through a range of training activities and events, creative thinking, generating creative ideas, and enhancing communication with Palestinian youth abroad through workshops, dialogue and media programs, in addition to developing methods of using technology and programming to help entrepreneurs meet their needs and financial transactions.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Mahmoud Shawa, General Manager of Bank of Palestine, and Mr. Alaa Alaa El-Din, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestine-India Techno Park, at the Techno Park headquarters in Birzeit, in the
presence of a number of directors of the bank’s subsidiaries, a number of directors of departments and divisions, in addition to Messrs. Saad Abdel Hadi and Jamil Zaher, members of the Board of Directors of Techno Park.

Mr. Mahmoud Shawa, General Manager of Bank of Palestine, expressed his pride in signing this agreement with TechnoPark to invest in the multi-year partnership and direct this cooperation towards supporting and encouraging creativity and innovation in Palestine by employing resources, capabilities and expertise to develop this vital sector, saying, ‘We meet today despite the ongoing bleeding wounds of our people in the Gaza Strip, to draw new hope for our Palestinian youth, through a strategic partnership between Bank of Palestine Group and the Palestinian Technology Park ‘TechnoPark’ to support the entrepreneurial environment and the emerging innovation system for youth.’

Al-Shawa added that this partnership embodies our investment in drawing a future with a broad horizon for our Palestinian
youth. This long-term, fruitful investment will contribute to supporting emerging projects, providing opportunities for innovators, and creating an environment that develops ideas and enhances their global presence, leaving a Palestinian footprint everywhere, and achieving economic and social development. He stressed that our partnership with TechnoPark is part of our commitment to a comprehensive sustainability approach and our social responsibility towards young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. This will enhance the hopes and opportunities for young people to be able to serve their Palestinian community through their creative ideas and launch into global markets. It will also enhance the ability of young people to persevere and stand firm, and confront the challenges and difficulties that we always face without thinking about traveling abroad.

In turn, Mr. Alaa Alaa El-Din, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestine-India Techno Park, praised this partnership with the Bank of Palestine,
which extends for several years, stressing that this agreement with Techno Park represents an important step to enhance the environment of creativity for entrepreneurs, which contributes to driving economic growth and encouraging innovation and technological progress.

Alaa El-Din explained that this agreement would constitute an incentive to contribute to creating an innovative environment to confront the problem of unemployment among women and youth, introduce the world to Palestinian innovations, and consolidate Palestine’s pioneering footprint, which would also enhance efforts to achieve economic and social development.

It is worth noting that the proximity of the modern technology park to Birzeit University, and its relations with all Palestinian universities, will help university students to become familiar with the world of entrepreneurship and innovation before graduation, including incubating creative projects for university students, in addition to its contribution to creating a business and entrep
reneurship environment to help develop, grow and market business opportunities.

Source: Maan News Agency