Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Sunday urged a Christian agreement on a new president. ‘As Christians, we have a historic and major responsibility to agree, in order not to give an excuse to local and foreign forces to impose a president on us,’ Bassil said during a visit to Jezzine. ‘We want to propose candidates on whom we can agree at the Christian level at first and secondly at the national level,’ Bassil added, stressing that the FPM ‘will not cover any marginalization of Christians.’ Referring to political rivals who are nominated for the presidency, the FPM chief said: ‘Let no one threaten us with the ‘me or chaos’ equation and think that he can impose it.’ ‘Let no one lecture us about learning from the past, because he’s the one who has to learn and not act in an inferior way or accept any settlement only because it leads to his election, even if that comes at the expense of his environment, society and country,’ Bassil went on to say. He added: ‘Let no one bet on foreign settlements, because no matter how strong they cannot continue if they are not immunized and covered with domestic consensus

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon