In his delivered address at the 30th emergency session of the Arab Parliamentary Union Conference held in the Jordanian capital on Saturday, House Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated the strong rejection of Palestinian resettlement.

Once again, we only meet in an emergency manner.As always, Palestine unites us in confronting the deal, calling out to our values of courage and chivalryIt is a cry to save our awareness about the lurking dangerIf Palestine collapses, the nation shall fall, so do we hear this cry? said Berri.

He described what is being proposed today as a glass of poison which will affect the entire Arab body, and not just Palestine. The settlement they are marketing obliges the Palestinians, and through them the Arabs, to recognize Palestine as a Judaic state and it requires that the right of return be waived, explained Berri.

We are really facing a war project, not a peace project. Allow me, on behalf of the Parliament, to announce our rejection and condemnation of this deal, and our refusal to resettle the Palestinians in their places, he declared.

Consequently, and in wake of what is happening and due to the dispersed nation, Speaker Berri stressed on two main constants: unity and resistance.

These two constants alone render us close to Palestine, and through them we place the dream of liberation and return on the path of achievement, he asserted.

Source: National News Agency