Biden May face impeachment but chances of losing office quite slim

Biden May face impeachment but chances of losing office quite slim

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy has declared start of investigations in the house, in an initial step toward a bid to inquire President Joe Biden over alleged family nepotism in a process that may end up with his impeachment.

Biden has become the second head of state to face such a challenge in the house after his predecessor Donald Trump, who was grilled in 2019 and 2021, over charges that he had pressured his Ukrainian counterpart at the time to inflict political harm upon his foe in the presidential elections at the time (Biden).

The other key count in Trump’s face was his probable role in storming the Congress building on January 6, 2021.

The American media have reported bids by the Republicans to take revenge for Trump who had survived an impeachment bid by the Democrats in the past, although the Republicans’ dominated Senate had acquitted him of the charges.

Moreover, the media have linked the prosecutions against Trump also involving purported possession of clandestine state documents to a possible political plot to scuttle his bids to re-run for the top post.

What has surfaced on top of the intermingled latest events, marked with smearing campaigns and counter campaigns by the traditional foes, the Democrats and the Republicans, is the fact that current (Democrat) president, Biden, is facing plans by the parliamentarians to oust him from power over charges that he had used business transactions in favor of his son Hunter.

In this context, McCarthy charged when he kicked off the inquiry that Biden lied to the American people with respect of the controversial businesses involving his family.

The top Republican legislator, McCarthy, has also accused president Biden of abusing power, obstructing justice and involving in corruption, reiterating the charge that Biden has been embroiled in nepotism in favor of his family.

In retaliation, spokesperson of the White House Ian Sams said on X that the Republicans had been questioning the president since nine months ago and they had not found any evidence regarding purported irregularities.

The White House spokesperson criticized McCarthy for his decision to grill the president in an impeachment-designed inquiry without prior voting on the issue in the House of Representatives. A number of Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate have voiced reservations at the approach to bring down Biden.

Prospects of Biden’s ouster are deeply in question for the Democrats’ dominated Senate, which enjoys the jurisdictions to impeach the president, rejects the inquiry and the powers of the House of Representatives are restricted to launching the inquiry and addressing charges to the president, solely.

The Congress had never impeached a president however the House of Representatives had held inquiries against three presidents, latest of whom was Trump himself.

Source: Kuwait News Agency