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Biden’s dovish debate performance worries party colleagues

Biden’s dovish debate performance worries party colleagues

The recent television debate between the two presidential hopefuls, the incumbent President Joe Biden and the former president Donald Trump, has caused rumbling jitters across the domestic political spectrum, particularly in the Democrat camp.

Biden’s shaky performance appearing largely dovish vis-a-vis his hawkish presidential foe, Trump, has prompted many Democrats to express deep concerns regarding his competence to pursue the race for the top post, amid buzzing reports about his health and mental capabilities.

Trump, who emerged victorious from last Thursday’s debate, was given another boost when the Supreme Court ruled that he is immune, as a former president, against charges of inciting followers to stage a mutiny in the aftermath of the previous presidential elections that culminated with the dramatic storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The January events stirred accusations that Trump might have breached the US Constitution and fed beliefs that his chances for coming back to the White House
were diminishing. But the court ruling came in his favor and maintained his stature as a robust contender to Biden in the presidential race.

Biden, given his fragile performance against Trump in the public relations encounter, watched by millions of Americans, is now in trouble amid the mainstream trend within the Democratic Party, calling for his withdrawal from the presidential race to give way for another candidate.

In the face of the Democrats’ critics, Biden is strongly backed by the former Democratic president Barack Obama and his deputy Kamala Harris, although strong gossips suggest that she might be picked as the alternative during the party’s congress in August.

The influential politician, Obama, acknowledged that Biden was not fortunate in his rhetorical arguments against Trump, but described the latter as a “liar and a narcissist.” Harris for her part branded Trump as a “threat to democracy.” According to a poll conducted by “YouGov,” post the debate, 49 percent of the polled sample expressed su
pport for replacing Biden as a candidate and 30 percent backed his continuation in the race. By contrast, 44 percent supported Trump’s staying in the contest while 38 others wished that the Republicans came up with a substitute.

The Lebanese journalist, Hussein Jradi, composer of a book about the Capitol events, titled, “Remember this Day Forever… Trump from the Presidency to Mutiny,” said in an interview with KUNA that Biden has no intention to retreat but he might eventually change his mind amid the mounting calls for substituting him due to his health situation.

Figures within Biden’s close circles, namely his wife and Obama, had scrambled to back him in the face of the torrent of criticisms after the debate, however, they may — namely Obama — turn candid and advise him to step out for the sake of the Democratic Party’s interests.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are facing some difficulties such as the short period ahead of the elections. As to Harris, Jradi, believes that she is not quite competent for
the job and notes that there is a strong possibility, if the Democrats take this path, that they may nominate California Governor Gavin Newsom, or his peer of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

Jradi believes that the court ruling remains the sharpest thorn injuring Trump however predictions indicate that he is staying in the race.

Jradi, in his book, narrates the Capitol events and their repercussions on democracy in the US and roots of the political divide in the nation.

Source: Kuwait News Agency