Blessed by HM the Sultan, Launch of National Program for the Development of Executive Leadership for Government and Private Sectors

Muscat, With the noble blessing of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud al- Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, announced the launching of the National Program for the Development of Executive Leaderships for both the Government and Private Sectors. His Majesty has given instruction to launch a national program that includes the executive leaders from the public and private sectors that accommodates the rapid developments in the fields of government work and business in the world, and builds on the gains from the previous national programs launched by the Diwan of Royal Court in order to achieve the result and the overall return, and provide participants with advanced leadership experiences with modern methods of joint work to enhance the competitiveness and transformation efforts of the new economy to support the development orientations of the Sultanate.

Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud al- Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, said that the new national program reflects the royal attention and care in the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors at the level of visions, thought, planning ,and implementation methods in line with modern scientific developments, which establishes new shift in the Omni economy that hosts the outcomes of modern technology, as the success of the transformation of any economy is linked to the ability of government and private institutions to knowledge growth and development in a balanced manner.

He stressed that this national program, which will start in the first quarter of 2019, establishes a new stage for the future of business in the Sultanate as the global changes in business are becoming more profound and more dependent on the means of technology, data and information, which calls for building possible executive leaders to manage the digital transformation, required by government or private entities.

He also pointed out that the new national program, coupled with the announcement of the country’s celebration of the 48th Glorious National Day, affirms the importance of moving ahead on the path that His Majesty wants , and according to the instructions in his speeches which stress the importance of continuing efforts and building, and that what has been accomplished is a step that must be followed by steps, and that this goal can only be achieved by enlightened thought, which foreshadows the future, anticipates its horizons and challenges in preparation for confronting them with science, action ,different skills and experiences in various areas of life.

Dr. Ali bin Qasim bin Jawad, Studies and Research Advisor at the Royal Court, said that the new program, which has been blessed by His Majesty the Sultan, the practical content will represent about 80% of the program, where the focus will fall on real practical situations that target the enhancement of existing opportunities and developing specific ways to use them by help of modern technologies. He added that the main objectives of the program are to include participants from the public and private sectors in two-stage executive development tracks, the first part of which will focus on the development of creative capabilities and joint work between government and private sector leaders by learning about experiences, tools and applications needed by these leaders to perform their tasks professionally, and according to the new economy inputs and fundamentals of competitiveness.

He added that the second part of the program will form and develop projects and initiatives to support the future of business in the Sultanate in the light of the new economy and its modern mechanisms. He added that the participants will work on developing the projects / initiatives / tracks in an integrated operational manner that is applicable, according to what the Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court has stressed, and takes into consideration all social and economic dimensions in which the two sectors will be involved. He also said that a number of officials from government agencies and the private sector and a group of international experts will be involved in supporting the work of the various groups.

Source: Oman News Agency