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Borrell: EU will not recognize changes to 1967 borders

Borrell: EU will not recognize changes to 1967 borders

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, condemned the Israeli occupation government’s legalization of five colonial outposts and the announcement of thousands of new colonial units in the occupied West Bank.

“The European Union condemns the so-called legalization of five Israeli settlement outposts and the announcement of thousands of new settlement units in the occupied West Bank,” Borrell said in a statement on Thursday.

He added: “The European Union also strongly condemns the continued policies of dispossession implemented by the current Israeli government in the occupied West Bank.”

“The ongoing efforts to establish facts on the ground that could lead to de facto annexation” of the West Bank must stop, he continued.

Borrell stressed that “Israel’s policy of building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories constitutes a serious violation of international law, exacerbates tensions, and undermines efforts to achieve a two-state solution,” calling on Israel to reverse these d

‘In line with its long-standing common position and UN Security Council resolutions, the EU will not recognise changes to the 1967 borders unless agreed by both parties,’ Borrell said.

“As its leaders expressed at the European Council last week, the EU recalls its support for the Palestinian National Authority and stresses that actions that weaken the Authority must stop,” he added.

The European Union noted the transfer of part of the Palestinian tax revenues (clearance) to the Palestinian Authority, and the short-term renewal of the compensation agreement that allows correspondent relations between Palestinian and Israeli banks and links the West Bank to the global financial system, but insists that the clearance funds must be transferred to the Palestinian Authority, in accordance with the Paris Protocol, in a timely manner, in full and without unjustified deductions .

He continued: “The European Union reiterates its firm commitment to a lasting and sustainable peace based on the two-state sol
ution, where the State of Israel and an independent, democratic, contiguous, sovereign and viable State of Palestine live side by side in peace, security and mutual recognition.”

Source: Maan News Agency