Britain to witness elections amid Conservatives’ declining popularity

British voters are scheduled to head to the polls on Thursday to elect representatives in the House of Commons as part of the nationwide legislative elections that would determine the future of the Conservative party that has been in power since 2010.

Opinion polls, published by the British media, have shown that the opposition Labor Party led by Sir Keir Starmer was widely ahead of the ruling party of Richi Sunak.

According to a poll by the Guardian, the Labor party was ahead by 40.7 percent of the polled sample and the Conservatives got 21 percent.

The Labor Party needs to win more than half of the total seats of the House of Commons (the lower house of the parliament), amounting to 650 seats, so that it can form the next government.

The polls have also shown the declining popularity of the Conservatives’ camp since the last elections, held in December 2019, when the ex-premier Boris Johnson won.

The Conservatives have been criticized for policies related to pensions, social services, health care, high
cost of living and some external issues namely the Israeli occupation’s aggression on Gaza.

These topics have been exploited by the nominees in their promotion campaigns.

Source: Kuwait News Agency